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"Allison brings a powerful blend of creative and collaborative thinking to her client relationships and delivers results that often exceed expectations. She is professional and passionate about the clients she represents, and has the ability to understand and communicate their product with elegance and sincerity."

-Pietro Rusconi



Dividing her time between Switzerland and Italy, Allison has two decades' experience as a translator in Classical Music and Olympic Sport. She was the chief editor of two luxury lifestyle magazines and has contributed to several international publications. Allison is the author of the books The Veremonda Resurrection ( and Lia Leaves the Library.

Having discovered Venice over a decade ago, Allison began creating relationships that would not only help her curate exceptional experiences for a discerning client, it would instil a deep understanding of the fabric and challenges of one of the world’s most visited cities. Through years of exploring and learning about the Venice Lagoon, she has acquired a rare knowledge of Lagoon culture and sustainability issues. Allison’s clients can expect tailor-made experiences that weave together Italian culture and natural history, Venetian fishing traditions, exquisite food and wine, events and ceremonies in unique locations, fauna and flora, conservation concerns, culinary adventures, high-octane creativity, cooking classes in private palazzi and islands, spectacular locations, exclusive access to the world of classical music, relevant locations, and world-class artists. She is dedicated to discretion, precision, quality and fair trade.


Allison is recommended by Swiss International Airlines, and has been featured in the magazines Swiss Universe, Swiss Magazine, Far & Away, GEO France, Italia!, La Tavola, The Luxury Travel Advisor, Forbes, Sustainability Action Network, Il Gazzettino, Escape in Style and the 500 Hidden Secrets of Venice Guide. Allison has appeared in Corriere della Sera, on Italy’s Radio 3 Suite, Radio Jura Bernois, Music & Arts Network, Classic Voice, Le Quotidien Jurassien, Connoisseur Circle and Gainsayer Magazine. A full feature of her first children’s book was published at The Italy Edit.


Allison was named among the “7 Influential People in Swiss Romandy” by Switzerland’s L’Illustré Magazine in 2016, and was featured in the French primetime television series “Echappeés Belles” at France 5, TF1’s “Sept à Huit” and CBS Saturday Morning.



Photo by Sylvia Baosch

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