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Allison is deeply inspired by Italian art, culture, and music, and is the author of The Veremonda Resurrection, which explores the making of an opera, and the children's book set in Venice, Lia Leaves the Library, a sequel to which is coming out in 2021.

Lia Leaves the Library

Discover Venice through the eyes of Lia as she makes her way through skinny streets and bridge-covered canals, armed only with the courage to follow her dreams.

Available in English, Italian, French, and German.


By: Allison Zurfluh

Illustrations: Heidi Stevenson

Publisher: lineadacqua edizioni, 2017

All books ordered from this website can be personally dedicated and signed by the author.

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Lia Leaves the Library by Allison Zurfluh
Allison Zurfluh (credit Olivier Cave) (1
The Veremonda Resurrection by Allison Zurfluh

The Veremonda Resurrection

What do you get when a savvy conductor from Perth, a hot-blooded director from Naples, a buoyant artist from Torino, and a sumptuous costume maker from Rome decide to bring an ancient Venetian opera to life? In this book the journalist Allison Zurfluh teams up with the award-winning photographer Michel Juvet to find out, following the long creative process that transformed manuscript into modern-day stage production.  

Text: Allison Zurfluh

Photos: Michel Juvet

Publisher: GliOri, 2016



Veremonda, l'Amazzone di Aragona

The performance libretto from Francesco Cavalli's opera, Veremonda, the Amazon of Aragon, in Italian and English.

Translation: Aaron Carpenè and Allison Zurfluh

Publisher: GliOri, 2016


Libretto: Veremonda, l'Amazzone di Aragona by Allison Zurfluh

We are

Swiss Timing

The extraordinary story of a brand, led by the unique visionary, Nicolas G. Hayek, who set the world of Swiss watchmaking to ticking once again.

Author: Philippe J. Silacci

Translation: Allison Zurfluh

Publisher: Editions de la Chatière, 2014

We are Swiss Timing by Philippe J. Silacci
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